Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Projects for the 2nd Half of 2014

2014 was a busy year for me, so much so, that I didn't have much time to spend on my own blog, but here's a brief synopsis of what I did.  When time permits, I will add imagery and links to this blog to further illustrate my work.

Web Development:
The following projects were implemented via Gauger + Associates
  • - Create new page for Health Services including three sub menu's based on comps. Create basic HTML version of site based on comps and forward to Apostrophe Now web developer for implementation.
  • Shea Homes Dunes - Complete website rebranding starting in June and launch of new site on August 1st based on comps provided by Gauger + Associates.
    update header and footer navigation, add new CSS to match pre-existing php site to PSD comps

    Before: The site had Neighborhoods link and a static home image and no sub navigation on the left-hand side.

           After: Site updates consolidated page content into News & Events, more sub navigation elements, the image on the home page cycles through, and the new pages for the homes now available are up for Sea House and Surf House.

Once the site was finished based on the change requests and new comps, I then was tasked to migrate the site to Wordpress, so that someone at Shea Homes could more easily update content for their news updates. I took the original design that was in PHP and migrated the content over and updated the code to conform to the wordpress theme, including amending the code on the PHP files on the backend to produce new page templates and header files to address the template changes between the home page and the other pages. 

 I also ended up recommending that events be listed on a month by month basis with a sub menu anchoring to the months to avoid having to update the events every year. (the previous design had outdated event information listing specific dates). The clients were happy with that idea.  

Adwords and Analytics Management:
  • Carmel Valley Manor
  • Truwhip
  • Calorease
  • Baker Ranch
Social Media Management:
  • Bo Boudart Productions
  • Law Offices of Seth P Chazin
  • Gauger + Associates:
    Baker Ranch, NCPHS, light assistance with cross posting FB posts on Gauger + Associates' Google Plus page, Truwhip, Blue Isle, Peninsula Regent development

ODROID Magazine

That's it for now.  This post will improve over time.  ;-)