Sunday, June 29, 2014

Projects for the 1st Half of 2014

Here's a brief synopsis of what I, (Nicole C. Scott) did during the first half of 2014...

Gauger + Associates:

5 primary accounts

1 - Baker Ranch

Content curation and analytics reporting  for Baker Ranch on social media for 4 platforms  January 2014 - June 2014 (11/03/14 update: Baker Ranch did not renew their contract for social with Gauger + Associates, so my work on these platforms ended at the beginning of November, 2014).  Facebook:
Google Plus:

2 - Truwhip -
Social media content curation and engagement for Truwhip on 4 platforms:Facebook: (note: When I started, the Facebook page had 900 fans).
Google Plus: (note: When I started, there was no Google Plus profile.  I created, built networks and did content curation)
Twitter: (note: when I started, they had fewer than a hundred followers)
Pinterest: (note: when I started, they only had 4 boards and less than 10 followers.

site audit and website improvement recommendations

3 - Calorease -
Social media content curation, engagement, and analytics reporting for Calorease on 4 platforms (they didn't have a robust enough budget to do all platforms justice, so I focused most on FB, G+, & Pinterest: 01/31 update: my social media work for Calorease ran from November 2013, to November 2014
Google Plus:
(note: SFI's contract with Gauger + Associates ended in November and they no longer maintain their G+ profile).
Pinterest :

Consulting on Wikipedia, inbound marketing strategy, and next steps.

4 - NCPHS -

Social media content curation for 3 NCPHS locations: SF, Portola Valley, and Tamalpais Marin on two social media platforms: Facebook and Google Plus (note: all accounts are being built 100% organically with no additional funds allocated for Facebook advertising)

PV -
SF -
Tam -

Google Plus:
NCPHS  - The Tamalpais Marin 
NCPHS- The Sequoias San Francisco
NCPHS - The Sequoias Portola Valley

Gauger + Associates
  • cross post FB posts on G+, engagement on Twitter.
  • Website updates for header and menu, replace client list, other updates.

For all the aforementioned accounts, I was also providing in depth reporting including Facebook Insights, Analytics, Kred Scores, and such to illustrate what Gaugers' respective client investments in social media produced.  When I get more free time to add images to this blog to illustrate what I've done.  I will do so.

Bo Boudart Productions

Social media content curation for three films:

  1. Paying the Price for Peace
  2. Walking in Two Worlds
  3. Accidental Activist

Assistance with IMDB entries, Vimeo uploads, newsletter sends for preview screening and Surveymonkey for feedback on film in progress, and film festival submission through Withoutabox.

Web Programming:

The creation of new website  for Walking In Two Worlds was done quickly to have something for the film festival submission. In this circumstance, it follows the pyramid rule.

 Due to a very limited rate/budget with this client,  I used a basic Wordpress template.  In order to have a very professional website, it's better to invest more in design, buildout, SEO, and more like you will see with my projects I worked on with Gauger + Associates for the second half of 2014.

The Law Offices of Seth P. Chazin

Social media content curation on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and G+
Website additions, review of metrics in Analytics and Adwords


  • Wrote an article for Human Rights Now! Newsletter expressing the importance of passing the Peace Tax Law
  • Assisted with creating an IndieGoGo campaign to help with fundraising for the non-profit (there was not enough staff support to devote to the campaign to make it successful and since I was volunteering my time, it was in short supply.  It just goes to show that if you want to raise money using fundraising campaigns, you must have a strong and active network of people engaged in your work already, and a team of people dedicated to getting the word out and finding support for your projects).

SEO assistance for an Ergonomics specialist.

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