Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Projects for the 2nd Half of 2013

The years have gone by and I just didn't have the time to devote to my own blog, so here's a breif overview of what I did for the second half of 2013... When time permits, I intend to update these blog entries with images, and links to show more of what I did.

Bo Boudart Productions
  • Content curation for Bo Boudart Productions and films: Paying The Price for Peace, Accidental Activists, Walking In Two Worlds,  Islands of Life, and Power Paths.
  • Increasing fan bases on platforms for Facebook,  Google +, Twitter
  • Paying the Price for Peace Facebook growth to over 3,000 fans at end of 2013
  • Oversee content curation build out on the following film pages...
  • Accidental Activists
  • Walking In Two Worlds
  • Web production for Bo Boudart Productions rebranding started. New site launch slated for Spring 2014. (update: budget limits pretty much put this project on hold).

Gauger + Associates
  • Golbon.com - web development for a new site rebranding for Golbon.com through a CMS called, Sitefinity.  Golbon IT set the site up on the back-end and I handled content for all the pages and a colleague handled more of the complex CSS and Javascripting.
  • Golbon Before & After

  • Assisted with four accounts with G+A:  Truwhip, Calorease, Gauger + Associates, and Baker Ranch. Services included:
  • SEO, Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Facebook offers and ads,  Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +
  • Truwhip:
  • Grew Facebook fan base from less than 100, to over 3,000 within 6 months.
  • 98÷ content creation on Pinterest, grew network to
  • Twitter network growth
  • Google Plus build out with
  • Calorease:
  • Grew Facebook fan base from 1k to 3k since July.
  • Baker Ranch:
  • Build out social media networks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.
  • Gained 100 fans organically in first few months,  recommending ad campaign to grow followers and boost posts
  • Produced 10 boards in Pinterest account for Baker Ranch

22 Fillmore The Movie
Digital Strategy and Social Media Direction, recommended Intern Sushi, for team building. Work with four interns to discuss strategy, and assign tasks. Overseeing implementation of social media buildouts in Facebook, Google +, Twitter, recommendations for sponsorship & press releases, produce Mailchimp campaigns, and inbound marketing management. Assessing metrics in Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and Facebook Insights. Assist with Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

Outpost Studios, Inc.
Light Website and Facebook assistance. Assembla account for troubleticket management.

The Law Offices of Seth P. Chazin
Digital Stategist, Webmaster, SEO, Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Linkedin.
Team training for blogging, social media blasts of blog, interaction strategies for Facebook and Google Plus.

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
Board Member, Idealist listings, Mailchimp campaigns, Wordpress CMS newsletter updates, Facebook.
Published Religious Freedom Tax article in Human Rights Now, Winter 2013 issue.
Editor of new MCLI 150 Human Rights project to be published in 2014

That's all folks!

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